Photos by Ace Nutter of Skiing at Russell's in early 1940's

The following photos were given to Sandy Nichols Ward by John Nutter ("Ace"), a close friend of her parents, Nathan P Nichols ("Nick") and Janet Cutler Nichols ("Cut"):

See the New England Lost Ski Areas Project (NELSAP) website for more about Russell's in Kearsarge, N.H.

This webpage created by Sandy Nichols Ward, January 2002. See also my Locust Lawn webpage.

Personal note: The photos listed above were taken by John "Ace" Nutter and given to me at my father's memorial service some years ago. I was delighted and surprised to see photos of "Oswald", our 1932 Model AB Ford, being used temporarily to run a ski tow at Russell's in Kearsage, N.H. Ace explained that he and Nick had promised to provide a portable tow to Russell's for a specific weekend. But snow conditions were unexpectedly good at the previous location of their portable tow and they decided they couldn't remove it. Instead, they needed another engine, so used my great Aunt May's old car "Oswald" which had been given to my parents as a wedding present in 1940. Ace called it "Cut's car" so I guess it was driven mostly by my mother. [Much later, in 1961, I would use it to learn to drive...] I wish Ace could tell us this tale again. I don't recall many of the details. Unfortunately, Ace died in 2001.

Perhaps someone else viewing these photos can provide more information.